This is a continuation of the post about the two different types of divorced ladies. Lady D not confident and Lady E confident. We might be tempted to think that Lady E will NOT be targeted by society. This is far from truth. When a woman goes against the norm and stands out by taking decisions that serve HER wellness rather than conform to wider society, the least society expects is to do is to be ashamed of her choices ! and feels better feeling sorry for a lady who is deemed a failure in life and kinder to her. Whereas a woman who refuses to bow down and looks straight into people’s eyes and without batting an eyelid tells them of her choice which is out of norm is the one who is taunted and targeted as one who supposedly makes the “out of norm” choice and NOT ashamed about it ! This attitude unfortunately is SO widely inculcated that even professionals are not immune to it. In India the divorce rate is 1%. Divorce is never ever the first option and as they say not only marry in haste but divorce in haste is also true ! However a woman should not be made to feel ashamed or a failure about what she wants to do with her relationship. Hats off to the confident women who know their mind and direction in life !

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